A random and long shoe post ...

Newsflash peeps! I'm a great big fan of Yoon Eun Hye (YEH). Most of you would probably know her from Goong or Princess Hours.I don't think she's pretty at first glance, but she's the type of person who would grow onto you. Slowly, you'd think wow.. she's a natural beauty ^^ I especially love her smile now! Hehehe...

I chose these pics out mainly to point out that peep toes are sooo in! you could even wear tights with them!
(p.s. I also like tiered dresses or skirts!)

So, who loves shoes? Do I hear a "YEeaah!" from the girls? =)
As someone had said before...we, girls need to invest into a pair of shoes! An expensive pair can really burn a huge hole in your pocket! But, a good pair of shoes can last longer if kept well. You'll have a peace in mind, walking outside with that pair of shoes, knowing that it won't let you down with a broken strap or a broken heel causing you to walk barefoot to the closest clobber or shoe shop?theshoecupboard has some really neat pairs of shoes to choose from. Their prices ranges from RM 100+ to 200+, inclusive of postage to your front door! There are many colours available too.

Say hello to lace peep toes from MissOCD for RM 80!
As for the details, the buckle is the one where you simply latch your shoe buckles together instead of threading a tiny shoe strap through a tiny buckle every time you want to take your shoes off or put them back on...( i likey) and it's adjustable to fit different feet.

Lastly, thekookything sells Chinc for RM60. I personally love this design cause it'll make my fat feet slimmer =P

Why this post would be random?

Reason #1: I just wanted to say...
T-ara, a Korean girl group actually opened their own online shop? The clothes there apparently... I heard that they had designed and modeled themselves? Pretty cute and casual, I'd say. But, it's in korean so... yeah see
(i was never a ugg boots fan? Yesh, they're comfy and warm... but i think wellington boots look cute, plus it's rain-proof!)
Reason #2: Remember my previous post about bows?
Check this out @ MissOCD
I didn't know it was a Lady Gaga thing? =P interesting, much?

S, another procrastinator.


  1. i saw someone posted a tutorial on how to make a ribbon bow with your own hair!
    this would be so convenient for those who wants to do so xD

  2. oh really? wow, that would be an arduous task.. not to mention, you would need thick, long hair >.<
    yeah, I agree that this would definitely be an easier option.

  3. ooh...yea. i saw the video before. but it's rather hard. tried on m before and failed. hehe.