As of late, I am beginning to have increasing interest in all things vintage. I feel that they are timeless pieces  which will give you the quirky and cute look. So how excited was I when I came across a website that is new to me, Beautiful Disaster, having a major clearance on their vintage items, that I couldn't wait to blog about it to share with you all.

I just adore these three dresses and I know some of you might think that they are old fashioned, but if you notice closely, most trends today are adapted from vintage styles. The red dress has a demure baby doll cutting while, dress in the middle has the structured style. As for the pink dress, definitely you can say florals! And if you think the length is too old, just take a scissors to it and there you have it, a stylish vintage dress. Pair it with a few accessories and a skinny belt and you're set.

These three button down blouses are a few that I picked out from the site which I think look great too! The floral one especially with the pussy bow is so sophisticated but pretty too due to the floral patterns.

I dare say the variety of vintage skirts from the website caught my attention the most! I am so tempted to purchase these skirts and then take a scissors to hack off 2 to 3 inches of it. The prints are gorgeous especially the first 2. What a bargain for all the items, going for RM 25 each!

I know vintage is not for everyone but bear with me on this post..hahah  Head on over to view the entire collection. Oh before i forget, they not only cater for vintage lovers, do also do have a section for handmade accessories and cutting edge and up to date pieces, That's all folks! ~M~

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