Glossy addiction

Look at what I stumbled across at Glossy addiction; a Balenciaga-inspired wallet!! I am quite fond of glossy items, and I love how the zips on this piece seems to compliment its glossy texture so well! Another trait that seems to pull me in is the multi-compartments = 12! Perfect for me as I love keeping those freebie cards! =D

Apart from that, I'm loving this Balenciaga-inspired bag too! They're bringing in the 2nd batch by mid-april so get yours reserved today! (I already did =P)

They've got tons more of bags in-store that are selling really fast. Some of which I'm tempted to get as well.

I've been looking around for nice and cheap dinner clutches and this seems to fulfill both criteria.

And last but not least, the drawstring bucket for a perfect casual outing ;)

That's all from me, v.


  1. Oh~~!!
    I like the wallets..
    I've been looking around for one since I got a new handbag & my old black one looks terrible!
    It looks cool!
    I wonder on the quality tho.

    I Can't Sew

  2. Agreed! I've been searching for one to replace my current one too and this looks like the perfect one for me...I especially love the red one..but I shall have to wait a lil bit more so I won't feel guilty of overshopping. hehe.