Blog Review: Karen Cheng's Snippets of Life

This post will be slightly different from our usual fashion feature pieces as I want to feature a blog which i follow oh so often. For some of you, I'm sure you're familiar with Karen Cheng's Snippets of Life, but for those who don't, she's a blogger mom who talks about her daily life with her 3 super adorable children and of course FASHION. Her posts usually includes what she wears daily and also review on fashion festivals. The amount of features she does on designers, boutiques, fashion finds and online shopping makes her somewhat a reviewer like us and also a fellow online shopper. However, seeing as she is based in Australia, most of her fashion posts will be related to Aussie based designers and shops. However, I think her website is a excellent place for inspiration for fashion and also the 'eat' part of our blog, cooking tips!

Here's some sneak peeks on how her Daily Outfit posts usually look like, which is one of the posts that I look forward too most!
Over here she is modeling clothes for online boutiques as well as real shops which she features. Now i am not sure if she gets the item complimentary with her features or does she have to purchase them, but i think we can all agree the clothes are fabulous!

Features from Fashion Boutique - Freez

Features from Fashion Boutique - Frockaholics
Other than featuring fashion boutiques and her daily outfits, she frequently blogs on upcoming fashion week and fashion festivals. 
From top left, clockwise; Japan Fashion Week 2010 | Melbourne Fashion Festival |L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2010

Her food posts are also one to rave about. She's never lacking creativity when cooking especially in her presentation. One thing special about her food is, there's always minimal or almost no artificial flavoring, coloring and preservatives! Reading about her cooking posts always makes me salivate, almost as much as from online shopping :P
This is just a sneak peek on what she has to offer from her blog. Click on the link to read more and I'm sure you'll be hooked just like I am. That's all from me, till then ~M~


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