Tank Top Bonanza

Guess what? Razzle Dazzle's organising a Tank Top Bonanza! Which is a really really simple contest. By doing 3 simple steps and a lot of luck ( Go get your lucky charms out!), you can stand to win one free tank top?!?

Step 1: You just need to read their terms & conditions ( which isn't much compared to what you need to read in school =P)

Step 2: Answer their questions. ( It's three simple questions, hardly would you answer them wrongly... unless you're too excited and mistyped the answer? Hahahaha)

Step 3: Follow them. (Great way of promoting, don't cha think? But, yet another easy step, you only need to click a few buttons)

The first 5 with the correct answers & requirements will get a tank top, including postage.So, what are you waiting for? Check out the site now and make your draft e-mail first. Then, send it early morning tomorrow! Hahahaha

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