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I realized I haven't been updating as often as I would like. Been to caught up with this new series I'm watching called Dollhouse. But fret not..I am back with a blog post on items that I saw which reallllllyyy caught my eye. So tempted to buy buy buy...haha

Nowadays I am more interested in quirky skirts with a vintage feel and even better if its a high waist piece. Short, long or knee length, it doesn't matter, just so long it is a versatile piece. I think skirts are so wearable and can be paired with just about anything. I have been scouring blogs and there are surprisingly tons of cute skirts out there.
Full printed high waist skirt with subtle florals

Cotton skirt with quirky prints; available in bejeweled and strawberries

Casual with variation of vintage buttons

There are so many choices which makes me tempted to get them all..haha...just kidding. Anyway, another blog which i came across, had even more choices of skirts from denim, florals, name it! Be prepared girls, this is gonna be a bombardment of pictures because I just cannot decide which one I like best, so I thought, heck, let's just post them all up.

Gorgeous floral skirt

Denim, high waist with full front buttons
*One of my absolute fav's!*

Pink, waist hugging with semi-peplum feel
*Another one of my fav's*

Chiffon with satin sash at the waist

Studded high-waist

Denim with tie-dyed feel, gold buttons add chic-ness

Well, there you go. Actually there are tons more skirts from m o c a that I didn't feature here. Have a visit at their website and click on older posts for more. Their website is just super well-designed with haute-couture photography. Alrighty then, that's all from me! Till the next post ~M~

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