Hair accessories!

Blair Waldorf of gossip girl seems to love her hair accessories lots! Mind you, she even wore her hair bands to Yale (Only to have Dan grab it off her head....) Well, that's that. But I sure think her hair accessories are drool-worthy, and I do wonder how much those accessories cost. (I'm sure she wouldn't even dream of touching them if they were some commoner item...) *cough* Ok, ok I'll stop getting off the topic this time.

Anyways, today's find: hair accessories that don't cost a bomb!

Each of these only cost RM10 at Sugar Poppins! No kidding!

And these are only RM15 and RM12 respectively at Buttons & Biscotti!

Whatcha waiting for? =)


  1. Hi babe,

    Thanks for featuring our products. We'll be posting more Blair Waldorf worthy hairpieces soon.

    SugarPoppins :)