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Launching our new site: the shop
Pls excuse the lame name. In the site we'll sell pre-loved items or re-selling items we've bought online.

Here's our first selling post:

Being the avid shopaholic that i am, i've managed to accumulate quite a number of clothing, some that i've worn only once and after that chuck it in the back of closet, long forgotten just cause it's no longer brand new. How sad and wasteful right?

And, i've been shopping a bit too much these past few days and my closet is so packed that i find it hard to get anything out.

So it's time to clear out the old closet.

Item 1: White kimono dress

Selling for: RM 20
Item history:
I'm feeling super sad to let these things go but my wallet is just too empty and i really feel too guilty. I bought this from Bangkok so i got it quite cheap, around Rm 30 i think. But i saw it selling at some blogshops for rm 40+. I've worn it only once so it's still in perfect condition. I'm letting it go because i actually bought three of the exact same thing but in different colours and patterns (one is red, another has a floral pattern on it)

Item 2: Grey Cap Sleeve Dress/Top

Selling for: Rm 20
Item history:
Another item i bought from Thailand. Also got it for around Rm 30. I can't remember if i even worn this before. I loved it when i bought it but then when i got back and tried it on, it was a bit too short to be a dress so i sort of didn't like it that much anymore. I'm just too fickle minded.

Item 3: Dual toned floral dress

Selling for: Rm 15
Item history:
The last of my purchases from Bangkok that i'm letting go. Seen this dress on tonnes of online blogshops before i went to bangkok and was soooooo tempted to get it. But i saw it for around rm 30-40 so didn't get it. Imagine my delight when i saw it in bangkok and it was CHEAP! i think Rm 20-25. Can't remember the exact price. But then i was soo happy that i didn't even look at it properly and same as item 2 it's just a tad too short for my liking.

Item 4: Blue capped sleeve bubble dress

Selling for: Rm 20
Item history:
Bought this dress from Singapore. I think for SGD 20?? I've worn this a couple of times so letting it go at a much cheaper price compared to what i paid for. But it's still in great condition. I'm letting it go because i realized i have two dresses in the exact same colour and similar cut.

Item 5: Grey hoodie dress

Selling for: Rm 20
Item history:
Bought this hoodie dress from Australia for I think around AUD 15?? can't remember the exact price. It's from ICE, an australian clothing brand. Umm. it's a bit too small for me. sigh. so it's never worn. It's a size m and me thinking that australians are typically bigger than asians thought that an m would fit me fine. but oh well, guess i'm wrong there.

Item 6: Dual toned kimono dress

Selling for: Rm 10
Item history:
Bought this from ladiesfash quite a long time ago to be honest for i guess rm 16-18? Only worn once. TOO (i need to stress the TOO) many kimono tops/dresses

Item 7:
3 layer kimono top

Selling for: Rm 10
Item history:
Another item i bought from ladiesfash. This was more expensive. Rm 22 i think but i've worn it 2-3 times. Selling for the same reason as item 6, way too many kimono tops/dresses

So if anyone is interested in any of the items do drop me an email at Do note that the price stated does not include shipping costs and i'm living in sarawak so shipping to west malaysia would be slightly higher. However, i'm pretty flexible with my prices so do feel free to bargain.

So do head on over to the shop for some retail therapy at a very very low price!

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