Eat: The story of a bimbo in the kitchen

Hi, so initially when we started this blog we wanted to not only talk about online shopping but also about food which we love as well. But so far we've only had one eat post so here's the second.

Ok, to be honest i'm a bit embarrassed to blog about this but hey, we're pretty anonymous so who cares!

So here's the thing, v one day (or was it f??) told me about this uber cute food blog which features daily bento boxes. And she was showing me this really cute shaped hardboiled egg. The eggs were in the shapes of bears and bunnys. CUTE OVERLOAD I tell you. Well here's what they look like. Photo credits to:

Tell me you all don't find this completely adorable?

Anyway, after seeing how cute the molds are, I was on the lookout for them. I happen to find them on GMarket (which is the korean online shopping site. Mad awesome i tell you. but i guess that's another post for another day). The mold itself was cheap but shipping was a nightmare. I think around USD 20?

So yea, sort of forgot about these egg thingies for like 6 months? haha. Then the other day i went to KL and was browsing around in Daiso and suddenly i thought, hey, who knows they might have my egg thingy. So I excitedly walk to the cooking aisle and started searching and lo and be hold i found them. How excited I was. I bought three sets. Each set has two molds so i have six in total: bear, bunny, heart, star, car and fish.

But then in my typical fashion, after the initial excitement wore off i sort of forgot about them. So when i came back from KL, i just left them still in my suitcase. Until today. Hehe. I was feeling bored and hungry so i thought hey, why not give it a try.

But then it started going downhill. I'm a noob when it comes to cooking. First off, i don't even know how to boil an egg. Yes. laugh if you want but it's true. I mean, do you boil the water first then add the egg or do you boil the egg and water together? But i didn't really care so i boil the water first and only when it started boiling i added the egg. I decided to just make three first. so in 3 eggs i popped. Then came a second problem: how do you know when the egg is hard boiled?

That i really had no idea so i decided to just wait. but then of course patience is not a virtue of mine so after i'm guessing a minute or two i switch the fire off and took out one of my eggs. Third problem: how do you peel a hardboiled egg? Cracking a raw egg i know so i assumed it's the same. I knocked the egg against a hard surface and that was when i knew the egg was still uncooked. Ooops. The egg was still all soft and stuff and i could feel the egg yolk starting to ooze out. But then i thought, oh well no harm done. i still have two eggs and i guess now i can have soft boiled eggs as well.

So again, i turned the stove on and started waiting again. After another minute i figured the egg has to be done by now. So, i turned off the stove and took out my second egg. This time i was more careful. I took a spoon and slowly cracked my egg. All was going well then being the clumsy self that i am i pressed too hard and again yolk came oozing out. I was getting slightly frustrated at this point and nearly gave up.

So now, i have two eggs that can't be used and only one left. I turned the stove on for the third time and told myself to be more patient. I waited and waited for the longest time ever (but truth be told it was probably less than a minute). Turned off the stove and repeated the process. This time it was going better. But the egg was still sort of soft but i didn't care anymore. I continued peeling and voila i had a hard boiled egg. it was not very pretty. i sort of peeled of some of the egg along with the shell but i didn't care. haha.

So i quickly popped it into one of the molds (i chose the bear mold) and closed it. The egg was probably a bit too big as some oozed out but i didn't really care. Then i popped the egg and mold into a bowl of water to cool it back down. I have no idea how long i'm supposed to wait but i was already lazy and bored of it so i just gave it a couple of seconds. And when i finally opened my mold this is what greeted my eyes:

A combination of bad photography and a failed attempt resulted in this monstrosity. So that's what i got but this is what it's supposed to look like:

What a huge contrast!!!

And of course by then i've lost my appetite so my dog got a surprise treat. haha. doubt they will bother about the shape and overall disgusting-ness.

So that's that. I guess you all now know what a huge bimbo i can be. and hey, i'm not going to give up. I still have 5 molds yet to try out.

V & M let's have a cook out and my contribution will be egg salad (s, sorry you're in aus). hehe. Or better yet, when are we having our picnic at school????


  1. Before I started reading your post, I stared at your photo wondering what those white stuff were..
    At first I thought it was soap!
    But.. but...
    It eggs!!!!! They are so adorable!!!

    I love them!!!

    WebWeaver Blog

  2. Yes, they're adorable aren't they? unfortunately my attempts weren't very successful. haha.

  3. haha the story's so cute, H!
    but at least you can see a bit of the bear shape!
    can always try again!
    and I think for hard-boiled eggs, you need to boil it for around 6-8 minutes.

    do try again! I wanna see cute eggs! hehehe

  4. eh. hard-boiled eggs need so long one is it? haha. i really thought 2 mins enough dy. but yes i will try again!!

  5. yeap, for half-boiled usually takes me around 5 minute, but depending on how soft/hard you want it to be.
    so a fully boiled egg needs longer time! :P