white circus and peep

i told myself that i've already reached my budget this month, so i'm not supposed to be buying anything at all but i just can't resist doing some browsing.

i recently found out about this shop called white circus and it seems that it is a pretty popular blog as all items were sold out the last time i checked. well, they've recently updated and already some of the items are sold out.

but some are still available like this blazer:
I've been looking for a blazer and this is pretty tempting. It's going for rm 69 which i guess is pretty reasonable for a blazer and it's in plaid! i love plaids. *must resist*

Peep also has some pretty good stuff that just came in. Like this:
I love floral dresses and this one is pretty tempting. and the best part is it only costs RM 39. sigh. why is everything tempting me????

this is another nice dress from peep. also going for Rm 39. Love the colours (it comes in several other combinations) and i guess i just love stripes in general.

i just want everything!!! sigh. why must i live on a budget???

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