Really Cheap Finds

Once again the temptation of online shopping strikes despite the work piling up. I was browsing through various blogshops as usual and came across this site, hey-hummingbird with some pretty amazing deals.

I've spotted this chiffon dual tone dress at quite a number of blogshops and have considered at long lengths whether or not i should purchase it. The steep price, i think i spotted it for around rm 40+, stopped me from making the purchase though. Well, now it's only going for rm 36 and you want to know the best part? it comes with free postage. I think it's pretty impossible to find a better bargain than this. i'm very tempted to make the purchase myself but i've already promised myself that i can't make another purchase this month. boohoo.

Another great deal i spotted is this dual-tone green dress. I LOVE dual tone dresses. i'm beginning to think that i love everything though. haha. and it comes in green which is a colour that is lacking in my closet. but again, the self promise i made. sigh. and this dress is only Rm 25, so those of you going, "green is so not my colour", i think you better reconsider!!

There are some other great items and i think you all better hurry! With prices these low i'm pretty sure the items will be snapped up in no time. v & m do go and have a look see as well.

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