how many of you here have more black clothes than all other colours combined?

well, i'm one of them. i never realized how bad it was until i decided to arrange my closet (yes, v, i actually cleaned up my closet. super proud of it now). Half, wait, 75% of my closet is filled with black dresses and that's excluding the two drawers i have filled to the brim with black tops, leggings and cardigans.

To make things worse, aside from black, brown, white and gray accounts for another 20% of my clothes. How sad is that??

So, I've decided that from this moment on I will not buy a single piece of black clothing (v & m, pls remind me the next time a black piece catches my eye).

I mean why should i stick with black when there's a multitude of colourful and bright clothes out there?

One particular site that caught my eye recently is dollhouse avenue. I love love the way a group of them pose in the same clothes but in different colours (s, this is probably what you had in mind for our outing the other day). I mean how can anyone say no to these

well, i know i can't. haha. *avoids v&m's gaze* but seriously, how nice are these? and the price is pretty reasonable too as they're current having a price cut and you can get some pretty great items for around Rm 25 but most items are around Rm 30 - Rm 39 which is still pretty reasonable.

So quick head on over as there are more where these came from!

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