Shopaholics Unite!'s a monday morning and what better way to combat the monday blues than online shopping???

Shopaholics Unite have some new updates and the items are pretty irresistible.

I especially love the orange belt. But then again I seem to have a little thing for ribbons. This dress is going for RM 57 and comes in a few colours but i really love the blue.

The toga trend still seems to be going strong and for me, when i think toga my mind would immediately conjure up images of the greeks and for some reason hercules. And i think this dress really has the Grecian feel with the toga style and the frills and how flowy the dress is. Also going for Rm 57.

Is it just me or does this dress completely scream minnie mouse??? Wait, it must not be just me as the dress is called Minnie Me. how apt is that right? The dress is not very me but i can totally imagine a cute petite girl wearing the dress with one of those blaire-ish headbands. Going for Rm 49.

There's a few more items but unfortunately my reports are shouting out to me so i guess i need to stop procrastinating.

But yea, shopaholics unite!

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