Corporate Chic III


Hope you guys aren't bored of our corporate chic posts by now cause i'll be sharing another one. I actually blogged about what's appropriate for office wear and what's not here. Time really flies and already i'm in the work force but here's a little confession: i still don't have the slightest clue what i should wear to work. haha.

Like M, I am also an engineer. Like her, I have an office job and i spend my entire day in front of the computer running simulations and what not. Luckily i'm working in a pretty casual office. You would never ever see anyone in a suit and you will see a few people in jeans even on days other than casual fridays. But I like dressing up, so I do enjoy looking for nice clothes to wear. But at the same time since I'm pretty new to the job I keep to safe items like structured work dresses and buttoned shirts with skirts.


First day of the week. As usual, there's the slight monday blues as the weekends are never long enough! But to brighten up my day, i'm wearing a new dress that i just bought over the weekend. I'm attempting to add more colour into my pretty dull looking wardrobe and yes, many of you are probably thinking that the dress is gray and not exactly very brightly coloured but there are tinges of pink! haha. It counts to me! Anyway, got this dress at Dressing Paula (which i just discovered btw and i must say i'm loving their clothes! I think there's only one branch in KL which is in Sunway Pyramid. So do drop by and have a look see!)


Decided to go for a simple shirt + skirt combo today. I'm wearing a buttoned shirt from Dorothy Perkins and a high waisted pencil skirt from Seed. Bought the skirt recently during Isetan member's day (i work in KLCC so there's nothing better than going crazy in Isetan during my long friday lunch break. hehe). And i actually got the skirt for 50% off which is pretty great and i'm loving the skirt! Have been wearing it every week since i got it.

Another simple work dress. The dress is also a recent purchase (i'm starting to feel a bit embarrassed as it seems that most of my clothes are recent purchases. if that is not a clear sign that i'm a hopeless shopaholic what is??). Anyway, got the dress during my recent trip to Singapore in this random shop in Wisma Atria. Can't remember the name and again I LOVE IT!!! hehe.

Another work dress! This is the dress that i usually wear when i'm feeling LAZY!! It's very comfy (cause it's actually one size bigger. hehe). So i usually just throw it on when i'm feeling sluggish. and by thursday i'm usually a bit sluggish. haha. But i must admit that i look a bit sloppy when i'm wearing this dress as it is bigger but it's still formal enough i guess. Anyway, the dress is by fashionlab which i also purchased from Isetan during member's day.

Casual fridays!! On casual fridays i would usually take out my floral dresses. Hehe. Here i'm wearing a floral dress that i purchased from Double woot ages ago! One of my fav dresses as it's very comfy and looks good!

And writing this post makes me realize that i'm one of those people who remember tiny details about each of my purchases. Haha. I think you can just randomly pull out a dress from my closet and i will tell you all about its history, from where i got it to how much i paid for it.

Anyway, I'm just going to echo my fellow blogmates and urge all of you to let us know what you wear to work!


  1. love your post ;) im gonna graduate from civil eng too later next month. glad to hear that a female engineer can still style with brains ;)

  2. hi floating writer,

    congrats on your upcoming graduation! and it's great that there's more female engineers.

    glad you like the post!