Kiss and Tell

Today's feature: Kiss and Tell

Layered scallop skirt, complete with the cutest ribbon ever. Looks somewhat like an upside-down tulip to me hehe. Definitely has the sweet factor.

Sugar-overload kago bag.

Other than ready stock goodies, they also provide pre-order all the way from Korea. Now we all know korea has got lots of awesome stuff we girls would drool over (Look at the dramas!!) and here's your chance to own these [Seller assures that the items are exactly as pictured!]:

Gorgeous gorgeous stilettos. The tie-however-you-want pink ribbons are to die for. But I'll probably tie like the picture because i'm fail like that. Besides it's gorgeous as it is!!

Something quite of the opposite of the previous shoe. How can you deny the awesomness of this pair.
I imagine these boots with light blue skinnies....perhaps a leather jacket....and a bad-ass bike... o.o


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