I think everyone would know this line especially after Sept. the 11th. " Always tell your loved one "I love you" as you'll never know what might happen"

It grieves me to know someone I know has suddenly passed away. It's so much harder for the person closer to that person though. My uncle whom I adored had suddenly passed away recently. At first, I was just shocked... it seemed surreal. Till my parents told me they were going back for the funeral, I could then began to slowly accept it's not a lie. Away from denial, tears would roll down my cheeks out of nowhere throughout the week. What would sadden you would be the limited time you spent with your loved one. You'd be thinking back and coming to a conclusion that the memories you have together are just so ..few and could have been more or if only there was more.  The limited memories you have would be on replay and keep on repeating in a loop. It's almost as if you began you appreciate all the things or just his laugh more than when he was alive, making you feel guilty. Since the cause of death was unknown, my grandmother kept on pondering why and how did it happen? even when weeks had passed since he's gone. She kept tearing up when she mentioned she was making 'bak chang' happily since my uncle said he'll eat it after he return from jogging, but he never returned.

Therefore, my friends appreciate every moment you share with the person next to you. Always show your love to those you love cause actions speak so much louder than words! Gestures of kindness towards your family may it be small, but it'll definitely be noticeable =)

I now yearn to spend more time with my parents and siblings and all my friends! Reunions shall be loved tons by me hahahaha

If I haven't told you all, I LOVE YOU! XOXO

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