Learning is ongoing.

Everyday, I do learn new things. Today, I love how I learn a new thing each day. [Even though, when I was a kid, I hated school and some no-fun teachers] In exchange of my time which is a depleting resource, I learn something in return. I could watch a whole series of drama and learn new things from it. Be it the fashion clothes-matching, love problems, life problems and how to deal with them or what the consequences are if I were to choose that way. Especially love dramas where I learn and grow together with their characters. That's probably why I'd cry as bad as or worse than the character when they cry. *blushes*

Sometimes, making friends will teach you something you'd never know. For instance, I made friends with a Shanghainese gal and I learnt that ALL shanghainese guys will know how to cook well. Okay, I side-tracked! I meant to say actually I learnt how to make 'jiao zhi' -still sucked at wrapping them.. but hey! Back home, I don't think my mother would teach me this =P our supermarkets don't sell the 'pi' anyways.

Last year, I started to knit! With those two long needles, yup yup yup. Made a long scarf which... a friend said it'll make a nice tablecloth -.- And I moved on to crocheting! Amigurumis are oh-so-cute. I kind of miss cross-stitching too. Internet is a great place to learn all these skills! From video tutorials to pictures step-by-step, you just name it, everything seems to be available on the net. Now, I'm actually trying to learn vector art! Thanks to h. I still want to learn other languages or my own mother tongue. I want to sharpen thy baking skills too! I dream to have my own vegetable patch too. And oh a flower garden too! Hahahaha So many things I want to do, what about you? Just wanted to inspire you guys to probably pick up a hobby or just something you really like and invest your time into it. I don't believe in wasting time. A nice long nap in the afternoon gives you more time to dream and rest well.

Learning more about a person is also a plus! My mother would tell me about her past ..although there might be repeats in her stories that's because it's a very memorable part of her life, I guess... but sometimes she'd tell me about herself which I never knew and I find that interesting. Learning about my friends background is also intriguing hehehehe (a girl who loves gossips)

So, put your learning cap on! And keep on learning people =)

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