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Hello all! This post will be slightly different from the usual posts as I'll be talking about my personal experience in the online shoposphere. I'm sure some of you are curious about the quality and service of some of the blogshops right? Well then, here are my 2 cents on some of my favourite buys online.

My very first experience in online shopping was from non other than egs girls' all-time favourite blogshop, ladiesfash! Yes, we've probably mentioned this like a gazillion times but really, ladiesfash rocks. The egs online shopping virus started when m was browsing ladiesfash during a study session (During our 'break time' of course hehe). I was very, very amazed with the ridiculously low price of each of the items. I mean, it was the first time I've seen tops selling for as low as RM12! And since m had lots of experience shopping online even then, I decided to give it a try. I was and am still really amazed with the quality of the clothing which are totally worth the amount I paid for. From then on and until today, I still look forward to the weekly updates. Since the items always get sold out really fast, I'll always scroll through the updates really fast because I'm kiasu that way :P Oh, and a point that I must mention is that Kate from ladiesfash is very friendly and patient; a MUST for being a seller in my opinion.

Here are some of the items I got from ladiesfash:

Another blogshop that I've shopped at, and had a pleasant experience with, is clothesbucket. As I have mentioned earlier, I think that the attitude of a seller is very important and is the key factor in determining if I will ever be a returning customer. Needless to say, I am a satisfied clothesbucket customer :) I've bought these dresses on two separate purchases, and I love both of them. 2 thumbs up for the quality, especially the halter floral (right) which was totally worth my RM35.

Next up are my precious buys, jeggings. Or you can call them rubber pants. Haha. I got a black pair from doublewoot (left but in black) and a grey one from Cutie Fashion Wonderland (right). I love both buys!! The material of the jeggings from doublewoot is exactly like a pair of skinnies I have at home, except that the waist part is stretchable/rubberized(?) so it's much more comfortable (You know like after a huge meal you have this temptation to unbutton your jeans...*cough* maybe it's just me). But wearing jeggings eliminates the need to do so :P As for the jeggings from CFW, the material is very soft and comfortable but looks exactly like denim! So why wear denim when you can wear something that looks like denim, but is much more comfortable (and cooler - literally).

Also, a long top/mini dress that I got from The attires' attic...well technically I helped my sister to purchase it but I ended up stealing buying it off her before she even got the chance to see it (Sorry sis). Everything about this piece is perfect; the material, cutting, prints. This piece was simply love at first sight for both me and my sis (I felt guilty of overshopping and let her have it but I couldn't resist when it arrived).

And finally, my precious balenciaga-inspired from glossy addiction. 100% customer satisfaction from glossy addiction as she's very patient with my enquiries and stuff. And I'm happy with the quality of the bag too.

This concludes my honest review on some of my favourites buys and blogshops. Do note that this post is based solely on my personal experience with the aforementioned blogshops and I am not paid/bribed/blackmailed to do so. :)

e.g.s girl, v.

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