Nothing over Rm 50

Dress 2 Dazzle has an update and there's nothing over RM 50. How great is that?
Some of the things i like:

The ever popular boyfriend shirt. And it's denim. Very nice! Going for rm 40 and the best part is that it comes in different sizes. So you can be sure that it would fit just the way you like it.

Another popular trend that has been around for a while now is the cropped cardigan. And this is with puffy shoulders. I used to hate puffy shoulders but i think it's starting to grow on me. Rm 45.

BAGS!! I think we can never get enough of bags right??? RM 44

And finally, flouncy skirts. RM 39. I shouldn't be doing this as i know m is trying her best to curb her spending but i have a feeling she will LOVE this skirt!

And that's it from me, h

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