La Dolce

La Dolce has a large collection of accessories; earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hairbands name it! I have a soft spot for ribbons, be it on my clothes, shoes or accessories, and they have so many cute ribbon stuff in-store. Very tempting!

 Furry hair tie. *heart* I love them furry stuff too..I remember back in high school I used to wear furry hair scrunchies to school everyday ;)

Denim hair clips! With all the denim craze going about, I think these ribboned denims will be a great match for your denim attire. I'm thinking perhaps an acid-washed skirt and a black tank, finished up with this clip. I love all four shades, but the polka dotted one is the cutest!

We can't leave out earrings now, can we? Pink ribbons to go with a casual dress.

Ribbons on rings too! I told you they have lotsa ribboned stuff. A little bit of bling bling to stand out, ey?

I know I know, not everybody is a ribbon maniac. They have non-ribboned stuff such as these (of which i heart too):

....and lots more.
So head on over now and check it out for yourself over at La Dolce.

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