Heads up people!

There's another great update from Diva's Divine! And my oh my what a collection they have! *shakes head* If only I didn't burn a hole in my purse recently... I'd hurry to grab some of these since it's first come first serve basis.

This is one fiiiiinee sundress if you ask me.
Smocked bust (cute), denim (awesome!) tie dye styled (nice, something different from acid wash)

If roses are your favorite flowers...

Lace+ bow = a must-have top which you should not miss out on!

Or are you looking for a cardigan which is uniquely 'lovely'? Well, look no further..

We also have an awesome update from paperboxcouture.

Nautical Mini: 2 pockets, striped, high-waisted, & pleated... what more can you ask for?

Hoodies! Me likey a lot!
The top two are called Bat Wing Hoodie. It makes me think of Korean fashion somehow?
The bottom two are Of Clouds And Rainbows, but hey there's rockets too! so cute~

Another denim BF tee!! But, this has diamonte buttons! Hmm...

Or if the above choices aren't styles that you dig, how 'bout checking out Forever Fashionate with very dangerously chic and glamorous too.
Here's a few pieces from their latest update to entice you.


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