Florals florals florals! Can't get enough of them. Grazioso has tons of them in-store and I'm loving every piece I'm featuring here!

I don't know if I've mentioned before, but I love the plain upper + florals bottom combo. I can totally see myself spotting this to uni, paired with a pair of cotton leggings for maximum comfort (Saves me from the cold too!)

Love this piece! It's slightly more formal compared to the previous piece, which means that it's suitable for work too! Pair it with this piece here from peep, and you're ready to go!

(More on peep in the next post, hehe! *psst* this piece here is on sale)

Love this sweet puffy skirt! I've always loved them puffy skirts, and yes I bought some too. But sadly, my hips don't look too well in them. :( (I'm hiding them in my closet to rot)

The same skirt in another colour that I really love as well. Couldn't decide between the pink or the purple one. hehe.

And there's great news! They're offering 10% for purchase of 2 pieces and above! :)

Love, v

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