It's friday babeh

Woohoo TGIF. I'm a happy girl. Today I have received not only one parcel, but two! *drools* And I got another one yesterday too =/ I'm really burning a hole in my pocket, or more like my bank account. The curses of online banking. It's so efficient because all I have to do is click click click and my purchase is done. At this rate I'm gona need to join a shopaholics circle and confess my recent buys. And it will go like this:

Me: Hello I'm v.
Everybody: Hi v.
Me: I just bought *insert random buys*

...... (Some lame joke we made about our addiction).

Ok sorry shall we move on....

I love love love these bubble dresses from do not bleach! I like how the dress looks so 'bouncy' and the ribbon just makes me love it so much more. Sigh. I wish I had a money tree. Can someone tell me how I can plant one? I promise I'll share. *cough* Oh and btw it's only RM39 which I think is a pretty good price for this lovely dress. *stares admiringly*

And here's another dress that I really really like, from dainty little blog shop. I love the blue and white combination, and the ruched bust part! The bottom part has a nice flair to it :) This dress spells out L-O-V-E to me.

That's it from me....for now. Love, v.

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