FAB Finds!

I'm seeing floral bodycon dresses with cutout back very hyped in the blogosphere recently. And its really starting to grow on me. Personally, I would prefer it without cutouts at the back, but hey, everyone has different taste right. That's why, Le Mode Maison has launched their new collection, which can cater to many different preference.

This floral appeals to me the most as it has the plain back!! And how gorgeous is the colour right. They have a range of 3 colours for you to choose from. Why is it that the one I like most is going for only RM39??! Its like increasing the temptation :P

And this!! How I love the florals. So fresh and pretty. Comes in 2 different colours and has criss-crossed back design. Going for RM 45.

For those who are not a fan of florals, here's something for you in acid wash. I think they're gorgeous too and the simple striped back is definitely a plus. Also RM 45.

Was bloghopping to Lush Serendipity and found some wardrobe basics and also some funky jackets.

Both these dresses are soooo simple but yet so appealing at the same time. The first dress has intricate pleating details which the picture cannot do justice. The kimono however has knitted detailing at the top, just adorable! RM39 and RM45 respectively.

This cropped jacket is also real chic! Comes in red, blue and white. Unfortunately all reserved or sold out. But no harm inquiring for a restock :P

Dress2Dazzle also recently updated with a few items and these two really caught my eye.

Pretty denim like material high waist skirt, with paper bag detailing at the waist!!! *Lovesssssss*

Pink ruffled collar dress! Tie back for optimum fit! Also adoring it to the max. Prices are reasonable, RM39 for the skirt. However, I can't seem to find the price for the dress.

A new blogshop to this review blog, Dude n Duchess . They have updated with some really lovely items, suitable for work. Very classy and elegant in my opinion.

This piece is title work glam, and I think if you show up at work with this, guaranteed will glam up your work place! RM55 in brown and grey and selling like hot cakes!

I am so in love with this polka dotted piece. Chiffon material and stretchable at the waist to enhance your figure. RM55 as well and still available at time of posting.

This ruffled piece is a must-have in any closet! Comes is so many designs but unfortunately sold out already!! RM40 and as I always say, no harm inquiring for restock.

That's all from me ~M~

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