A conclusion to our toilet post

So for those of you who participated in our little social experiment, a very big thank you! So in the end based on our poll, egs readers are more or less split evenly between facing the wall and facing the door. with the votes being split 50-50. But as we said, there is indeed a correct way. What is this correct way you ask? Well, the correct way is *drumrolls*

Facing the DOOR!

How do we know this? Well i’ll directly quote from Wikipedia:

In contrast to alafranga (alla franca) flush toilets where the user puts his feet on foot rests; the user faces the entrance to the cubicle (Wikipedia, 2010)

But you know what, knowing the correct way most likely won’t change the way we use the squat toilet at all right? I mean I knew the correct way was to face the door since a couple years ago (when my family laughed at me when i for some reason happened to mention that i face the wall). But yet i still choose to face the wall. It just makes more sense for me that way. I mean isn’t it so much more convenient? If you face the door, you have to turn around to squat, then when you’re done you have to turn again to flush and finally turn one more time to exit. But if you face the wall on the other hand, you walk straight in, squat then stand and flush. Only when you leave you need to turn. I think that they should rethink the squat toilet design. But you know what, in japan the squat toilets are slightly different and you actually face the wall! I knew the Japanese were smart! Hehe.

So that’s it. Hope you all find that helpful. Haha. It just goes to show that we can never take something for granted. I mean something as basic as using a toilet can also be rather confusing right?

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