Steal their look: SNSD Black Soshi

Hi all. How many of you here are fans of KPOP? Well we are!

And one of our favourite is SNSD (yes, some of you may laugh but who can deny their charm and cuteness. ahahaha. epic fangirling). s is probably gagging now though.

So anyway, for those of you who actually follow KPOP news will probably know about SNSD's new concept for their new release. And their new look is HOT!

But you know what, when i first saw the photos I had this thought "doesn't the clothes all look a little familiar?"

Well it's probably because i've been browsing through tons of online shops. ahahaha. So, here's how to cheat the SNSD look.

Here she's wearing a power shoulder dress, mesh leggings and gladiators??? (are they considered gladiators??)

So here's what we found:
Zipper puffy sleeve for Rm 49 from my vintage garden

or alternatively this would look great as well:
Shoulder pad lace dress from an old flame (who have a great new layout btw. a must see) for Rm 59

And for the leggings we think these lace leggings from the october would look really nice with the dresses. Going for rm 38.

and finally to complete the look, SHOES:

Le clothes PO has a great collection of shoes that would look great with the whole look.

Jessica is wearing a sequined tank top, blazer and metallic pants and a similar shoe as Tiffany.

And the online equivalent:
We decided that a longer top or in this case dress would be much more appropriate for us non celebrities. and plus not everyone is blessed with a tummy as flat as jessica. hehe. From Dainty little blog shop.

Glossy stars leggings from black milk project (they actually have a wide range of leggings. all very tempting)

or alternatively
this liquid metal trouser-leggings from an old flame Rm 49
Since these aren't actually leggings but pants you can even wear them with shorter tops.

And finally to complete the Jessica look, satin trimmed cropped blazer from pebbles. currently on sale and going for only Rm 35. A steal.

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