I can't sew

I think regular readers will notice a common trend in most of our posts. We moan about our lack of money in nearly all of it. Well, being students, we unfortunately live on a budget and hence our constant moaning about being poor.

So, most of the times when we browse through blogshops all we can do is stare and lust over the pretty items that we most likely won't have hanging in our closet. And of course, our alternative is also to review the items we wish to have but can't.

Well, i found this site where the owner is a graphic designer and a pretty good one at that. She appears to have a penchant for fashion and interior design as most of her designs are of clothes or ideas for home deco. Her site is called I Can't Sew.

Some of her designs and ideas, we can actually mimic in real life. Take this for instant:

I'm sure most of you have a tube dress lying some where in your closet. Well, to bring life back into your old dress that you've probably worn a couple of times, all you need is find a scarf or sash and voila a new dress and it won't even cost you a cent.

Feeling bored and tired of staring at the same old white wall in your room. Well you can steal this idea off her and spruce up your wall and get a clock in the process.
I love this design. All you need is the mechanism of a clock, some paint, and a bit of patience and hardwork.

So, i guess with a bit of creativity (well for me, it's more like stealing ideas) you don't really need much money to come up with a new look.

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