Peep into Fashion: A Flog

What's a flog you say? Well it's a fashion blog.

So, all us avid online shoppers, i'm sure it's pretty undeniable that we're all connected through our love for fashion.

we all have our own sense of style, our own sense of fashion. But let's be honest, how many of us would say that our fashion sense is dictated by what's in and hot, or what celebrities are wearing?

well, i for one can't deny that. our recent post on Steal the look: SNSD Black soshi is a clear indication that we like to emulate the hottest looks in Kpop.

To be frank, as much as i love fashion, i must admit that i know close to nothing about it. *epic fail*

Peep into fashion which is a fashion blog gives us a peep into the world of fashion (pun intended). The flog covers a range of topics like their favourite looks of the oscar (how sad is it that i have not seen a single photos from the oscar till i saw their post??? i seriously have been living under a rock these past few days). I especially love penelope cruz's dress.

The flog also discusses trends in the fashion world like plaid and animal prints, features on celebrities like lady gaga and designers like paul frank (I LOVE paul frank!).

Umm...but i must say the blogger is pretty quirky and has some pretty eccentric ideas. Their latest post is titled "Prostitution is a fashionable thing" and they style their photoshoot with the model depicting herself as a model with shots like these:

ummm??? let's just say that they're very successful in portraying a prostitute and i'll just leave it at that.

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