XISTERS has been having daily updates to keep us on our toes on what's to come next. After browsing through XISTERS, we just have to say that this blog caters for all types of people due to their variety.
First thing that attracted me to it was their array of vintage clothings:

Other than apparels, they are also not lacking in the accessories department. From quirky rings to studded bracelets.

They are also well stocked with bags such as these and some handmade even. I just love owners who is into detail and shows it in their selection of items. They just recently updated with 2 exclusive handmade tote:

Besides that, they also have a variety of other bags as can be seen below:

Other than these, XISTERS also caters for preloved items with an assortment of items ranging from dresses, blouses and even accessories.

Head on over to XISTERS to be able to taste for yourself what they have to offer. Reasonable pricing all around! :)


  1. my friend likes vintage clothing and she has a lot variety of vintage clothing which she has collected by shopping

  2. Amazing post, Fashion blogs are of my interest and I always admire such posts. Lovely post, thank you for sharing it and keep posting such posts