Its that time of the year....

when the teens start to go off to their year 12 balls. ahhh memoriessss

And have you all read the recent Corporate chiq?Its pretty cool and I find it really convenient because I often run out of ideas what to wear to work. Worst case scenario, just accessorize and you will still dazzle your colleagues in those long meetings and workshops.

Okay, back to proms/balls. I started doing my research and apparently there are HEAPS of it on ebay. Unfortunately, most of the nice dresses that I like required a postage of $450.

Then, what method was most effective, word of mouth of course! I asked around and most mentioned an online shop called ASOS. After much searching, I actually found a few good bargains. I tell you its the perseverence ladiessss!! The greatest bonus of all, shipping is free!! I kid you not!!!

Here are the few good ones I saw. They are absolutely gorgeous. More for evening wear rather than a ball but it still looks awesome (***note prices in AUD***):

NOW A$37.85

NOW A$135.19 
 ASOS Mesh Waterfall Bandeau Dress
NOW A$28.84 

And best of all, they cater for the petite, curvy and pregnant. I love how somebody understands ta woman's needs. Plus, judging by the contrast of colour in the material, it looks comfortable and for a price like that, it is soooo worth it.

If you wish to have a more 'princessy' ball and decide to splurge a little ( and after all, it's your big day so why not!! =) ), I did come across a few like these, which I thought were fantastic from TarvyDas. Absolutely breathtaking. These can be ideas of your future weddings to any of you lucky ladies out there (***note prices in AUD***) :


 Then you have the ones that are simple yet ultimately shows off the figure, for A$395

Another reasonable site I saw (with a postage of US$29 to Perth), are Dresses Online. Originally from America, I would say their style is superbly diversified. Plus, the wonders of the quality (***note prices in US***):

 From left to right,  DQ8034-Formal Gown, A-10017 , and N3042

All just US$99!! Talk about great savings. It doesn't end there. There's always that 'sales' button we all love. 

 From left to right, IVORY-GOLD-XL (US$49), PURPLE-SIZE-10 (US$49) and IVORY-MEDIUM (US$39)

Yup so that's all for today my lovely girlfriends. If you have any ideas where to shop for ballgowns around Australia, tell us!!! We are always open to ideas and suggestions.

Finally, have a greatttt weekend and I think I hear the beach calling my name. woohoo!

Love, K.