In Love with Knit & Co

Just started working anyone? Or would you want to look better in uni lecture halls? Get at least one top/dress or a CARDIGAN from Knit & Co! Well, that's just me being biased... a little tinsy winsy bit biased due to the fact it's korean/japan origin. *coughs coughs*

Downside: washing = using hands and laying flat to avoid stretching of material or maybe... do you think I can just stuff them into the protecting bag before dumping into the washing machine? Would it work?

UPside: No more ironing!~ *wipes sweat* hey, it's one less chore to do, this is something you should rejoice about! [fyi, S is in her dark days... cleaning, throwing, and every bone-breaking chore you can think of in preparing for CNY] Onwards about its upside... it's SO SO SO cute!

If "Pet Shop" can make it big, so can "Knit & Co" !! *humph*

Classy too! Some of their cardigans are just so... love~ These tops are what I'm really really liking at the moment.

And there's just so many styles to choose from depending on your taste? More frills and ribbons to less frills which could mean "too much" to some and yet "just right" for others. =) I believe everyone could find something they'd wear.. hehehee I love their lace dresses too!

All these are from this Singapore blogshop: Knit & Co Haven't seen a Malaysian one yet =( If you have, do leave me a message TYVM


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