Here's what might catch your attention...

Cause they caught mine =)

Poppy Mallow  has some wonderful updates if I may say so. So many styles available from chic to cute =P

The Rainbow Connexion  has great choices to choose from.  And these would make a dashing beach wear! Also not worth forgetting to mention is that they are having clearance and promotion for this special month of July which is the first time ever!

Cutegranny is back with not only more vintage clothes but also a new look! These two tops look so casual yet comfy. I kind of love the colors too! Its shade is out of what you normally see. Thus, its unique~
The first dress caught my eye for the fact that it looks oddly like Hanbook, a Korean traditional clothing. It could be the color or the bow in the midchest area though. On a random note, as I was playing with vectors, I actually drew a dress which eerily resembles this one! Hmm... what do you think h?
The light colored denim trench coat is SOLD! But it's so so nice and yesh warm in cold winter days which me want. It's sold why review it? Because I wanna rant about it =( , can't I?

Anyways, they have this mid-year sale which helps you to save on postage! So do check this site =)

Sisters' Closette is back with updates!  They too have a promotion giving you discounts of delivery charges depending how many and what you buy, so do have a read at their front page to know more about it!
Denim seems to be omnipresent (@_@) But, you have got to love the dress. I likey like the patterns on them. And peep toe wedges are able to match with anything you wear, just as jeans is able to match with many tops. I like these sort of footwear... cause it'll make my feet look slimmer than it actually is =P

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