Yippie doo

We've ticked off a few more assignments and tests off our list....which means we've got space for our review blog again! *happiness* Just a bit more and we'll be doing reviews full time again :D

To start off, spotted this cute romper at Basic House. Looks pretty comfy too. Available in grey if you're the kind of girl who drips laksa on their outfits too often. *cough* haha.

Love love this dress! Love the U cut of the top part of the dress; not too revealing but just enough to give the sexy edge. Laced from waist down is just love.

SugarPoppins is selling fully customizable headbands; single strand or double strands, in all sorts of colours. Comes with optional floral embellishment too for no extra charge.

A newbie blogshop, Vogue nation offers this bubble dress; laced at the hem and the back. Structured waistline to complete the look.

They've also got my current favourite dress in the online blog-shoposphere (Is there such a word? lol) They're offering 2 pieces for a cheaper price....really tempting. I still can't decide which colour is my favourite.

Till then, v.

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