Steal the look: F.R.I.E.N.D.S

It's been a while since we last did a steal the look post and that's mostly because we were busy. Well, i'm the type of person that needs a distraction when i'm studying and watching re-runs happens to be my favourite source of distraction. And what better show to re-watch than friends? I'm an avid (and i seriously need to stress on the word AVID) fan of friends. I've probably watch the show a million times and yes, i know most of you are thinking that friends is so 2000 or whatever but even then i think there are some priceless fashion tips that you can pick up from them. After all, whatever was old is new again right?

And just to prove my point, i was rewatching season 1 and guess what i spotted rachel wearing.....

Yes, way back in 1994 (check out her hairstyle back then! hehe) Rachel was already rocking the romper look.

It won't be very hard to steal this look. Rompers are everywhere nowadays. You can hardly browse through a blogshop without coming across them. But here are some of my favs:

Angel glory 
Even her mum will be considered fashionable now, here's what i spotted the mum wearing in Season 2
Here she's showing off not just one, but two of the current popular trend: peplum skirts and power shoulders.
Yes, granted that the current look now is much modernized but funny to think how much fashion comes in a cycle right?
So to steal this look, here's the 2010 version of a peplum dress:
Beautiful peplum dress from Double-woot
Much much updated compared to the one Rachel's mum was wearing!

I'm still currently re-watching season 3 so if i happen to come across any more trends popular now i'll be sure to further update this post!

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