Little black dress

Let me just echo fellow egs girl, M and reiterate how glad and relief we are to be finally rid of finals!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we still have a barely done project due in two days but who cares when we don't have to bother about exams for the next couple of months! No exams = many many updates!!

So every girl needs a little black dress (LBD) in their closet. to be honest is one even enough? I'm sure some of us probably have 10 sitting in our closets. But who can deny the versatility of a LBD right??? And of course the best thing about LBDs are that it is completely flattering for all shapes and sizes!

Well, i happen to stumble upon a host of GORGEOUS LBDs at SeeSaw's playground

First up, a beautifully cut peplum number.
I really love the detailing and ruffles on this dress and i think it's a dress that is suitable for both work and play!
For rm 59 i think it's worth the investment
(ps it does come in two other colours: lilac and navy blue)
Next up, zipper dress
I really love this and apparently so does everyone else as there's only one piece remaining. To be honest i inquired about this piece so fingers crossed that i get it!
And finally, my fav the Herve leger inspired bandage dress. Yes i know it's sold out and non-restockable (didn't stop me from inquiring though. hehe) but who can deny the greatness of this dress
(a similar piece spotted over at angel glory. M reviewed it a couple post back. But the one at angel glory is in yellow. sad):
So if any of you are like me and just can't get enough of LBDs or black items in general do drop by seesaw's playground and check out their impressive collection!

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