I'm sure we can all agree that leggings/tights/stockings are very much a staple in every girls' closet these days. And seeing that we wear it so often thus wearing them out, we're always on the lookout to replenish. Head on over to Simpli-cious to order one for yourself now :)

They have it all, stirrups, ankle length and also the full length ones! So tempted to get one for myself but will wait till mine is totally beyond use :P

Another trend that we cannot get enough of and can also be considered a staple right now are florals. If you're on the hunt for affordable and trendy florals, head on over to Vivace Cabin to look-see and you'll find these,

Both designs available in many different colours for to suite everyone's colour palate. Going for an affordable price of RM 45 each!


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