As a chronic shopaholic myself, I have the tendency to buy buy buy and not wear. So today I am featuring 2 brand new items (only worn for trying purposes) from my very own closet. To any interested buyers out there, do not hesitate to email or directly to me at for inquiries and orders :P As they all say, sharing is caring!

White zippered tube dress made of thick, quality cotton which will fit your body perfectly. Suitable for sizes XS - M. Never worn because I own too many tube dresses already :) Bought at RM 40 (inc postage) from Mode Lane, selling at RM 36 (inc post express)

The basic floral kimono dress made of soft cotton. Very comfy! As usual I own too many kimono dresses and tops as well. Bought at RM 34 (inc postage) from petite4, selling at RM 30 (inc post express)

Happy browsing!

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