Pretty in Pastel

I think need a break from all the bright, florescent colours! Bright red and hot pink were eye-catchers especially during CNY, right?
I think we shall head towards soft and subtle approach with pastels! I mean just looking at these colors just... melts my heart.

Furthermore, pastels just matches with anything? Be it another pastel color, earthy colors, jeans or even just black! As for me, my favorite combination would be a pastel color and white. *hearts*
Cute granny, a Singapore-based vintage store has quite a selection on pastel colored clothes.
The prices are pretty reasonable and I must say the blog layout is very nice!

New arrivals at Doublewoot! And all sold out?!? Thank goodness it's restockable and delivery on the very next day!~ Double yeay! =P

p.s. I can't wait till pastel colored tights sells hahahaha!

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