New blogshop in town: Forever Fashionate

Forever Fashionate is a new blogshop in town and i just love the name. haha. i mean who knew that the term fashionate = "fashion" + "passionate".

And from the blog, you can really tell that the owner really is passionate about fashion. Browsing through the blog, you can sort of see a common theme going on. Sometimes i think it's great if you see a blogshop and from the items you can sort of gauge the tastes and preferences of the seller.

Some items that caught my eye:

Items from left to right: Black tee with a twist (comes with the necklace) RM 59, the metallic panel skirt is going for RM 49, and the bucket bag is going for Rm 59 as well (i love bags and have been searching for a bucket bag so pretty tempted by that).

The feel i get from this blog is that the seller's into edgier clothes and muted colours (the palette of black and gold is very prominent in the first collection). Well, it's only the first update so maybe i'm reading too much into things. i tend to do that sometimes. But yea, enough of me rambling on, do check out the blog for more items and as an opening promotion they are offering free pos laju for purchases of 3 items and above. But the promotion is only valid till 31st March so you all better hurry.

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