Do you like to do experiments?

Yes, you heard me right! E-X-P-E-R-I-M-E-N-T-S Well, I don't mean the science stuff you're studying but on outfits or even foods! Hahaha... *sighs* alrightey, I'll come out clean. I do! I do like try things and odd combinations of my favorite things... (laugh all you want, miss v and h =P)

Well, I love peanut butter like crazy. I love Reeses to bits. Last month, I made breakfast on a whim. I cut my Reeses to slices and layered on top on my bread and spread a layer of peanut butter on it (painstakingly) and cut up one banana which was within my sight.. and threw it on top of my "smooth" layer of peanut butter (which works as well as UHU glue) and place another slice of bread. And I was.. somehow pleased with my masterpiece hahaha... (hey, with my effort and taking a chance on this combination) It definitely wouldn't score high in the appearance department, but the taste was oh-so-GREAT! No, I'm dead serious... don't laugh and try it! =)

Then again, different individuals would like different things... like they say " some people's rubbish is another's treasure" We appreciate different things which is good, cause if everyone thinks florals is the best fashion statement, we'd be walking in a street with everyone wearing something with floral-ly or exactly the same outfit?!? Hold that thought... it's pretty cool especially on photos! >.< However, my point is that it's nice to do little experimenting. With different body shapes, some styles would suit us well and flatter our bodies. And sadly, some just makes you ugly and an eyesore.

My suggestion is when your budget is tight, experiment with what you have in your wardrobe to create new combinations/ looks with what you have. I especially do experimenting after buying a bulk of clothes under the beloved name of "CNY shopping". It's kind of fun to do it with someone who'd tell you the truth on how you look. My mum would usually be the one to tell me whether it's odd to match that dull green skirt with bright yellow top or she would tell me plain straight that I look fat in these clothes. But, I love it when she compliments me on how nice I look in my other clothes combo. *giggles* You know how shopping is like... after buying a skirt, you'd be like I need to hunt for some top to match with it and then after that you'd stick to that set always. If you'd check your closet, there could be some old tops which would go very well with that skirt, so many that you would be surprised.

So what are you waiting for? Invite your close friends over to your room and play "mix & match" I bet it'll be fun and memorable. Remember odd combos like my AMAZING sandwich might actually turn out not-so-bad afterall.

And also, please only wear outfits that you're not afraid of showing your mum or outfits that wouldn't make your dad hold onto your ankles just to refrain you from walking out from his house into public! ^^ I still have no idea what the parents thought of when they saw their daughters going out in thin tights and a short top...

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