Alice Wonders: The White Rabbit Hunt!!!

I think I've mentioned before that i love online competitions. well, since I'm feeling a little generous (yay to Easter break!!), I'm going to share with you all a little something.

well, here's the thing. i initially wanted to keep this as my own little secret. after all, the less people to know about this contest, the higher chances of me winning right?

but well, I've decided to be kind just this once. is organizing the white rabbit hunt once again. OK, is it just me or does everyone think of Alice in wonderland when they see Alice wonders and white rabbit in the same sentence?

Seriously, this is what i picture in my mind when i think of Alicewonders

oh wait, where was i?

Right, the white rabbit hunt. The rules of the game is simple. Hunt for the white rabbits. Yes, note the multiple. The goal of the game is to find as many rabbits as possible. The rabbits are all hidden amongst the products, which are all very nice btw. So far I've already spotted multiple items that i like. Like these:

So yea, the contest is starting from March 29th till April 4th so for uni students studying in Australian unis that's good news for us as we'll be having our Easter break then. and I'm starting to put the pieces together. i have no idea if it's a coincidence or what but a white rabbit hunt during Easter break? smart.

without having to attend any classes i can literally just sit in front of my computer the entire day to find each and every single rabbit. muahahaha. oh no, i just realized how big of a loser i sound like. i mean who spends their Easter break sitting in front of the computer. sigh. me apparently. but i don't care. I'm going to be the loser who wins the Rm 500 shopping spree. Yes, i didn't mistype. i forgot to mention the best part, the prize is a RM 500 SHOPPING SPREE. I repeat, RM 500 SHOPPING SPREE.

and the other great thing is as long as you join you will be a winner as they are giving out UNLIMITED Rm 5 vouchers for each rabbit found. when i say unlimited i actually mean each person is entitled to win up to a maximum of Rm 30 though.

If inexperience in this 'hunting' field, fear not! For you can practice those 'hunting' skills now, as for me, I'm all fired up for it *fiery eyes* Take part in the practice run and all you need to do is take a print screen that will look something as shown below and email the entry to Read more about it here for tips and more details.

So, let the hunting begin! And may the best one win.

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